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Los Angeles Marijuana : LABudSmoke.com

We started as a LA Marijuana website, but grew into a mutated monster of our own creation …indulging in everything Los Angeles and connecting with everybody who represents right, showing love & getting shown love back, getting respect & giving it where its due. The best California Weed & weed girls.

LA Bud Smoke is the most informative website on the internet for Los Angeles Marijuana information and lifestyle. The 420 life is huge in southern California and all over Los Angeles to the Bay Area up north where L.A. Budsmoke also get busy and has many friends / supporters of this Lifestyle & movement. This is not some California hippy shit or left overs from the great marijuana activists & weed lovers that came before LABudSmoke.   This is L.A. Marijuana, 420 Culture mixed with Los Angeles lifestyle , HipHop, methods of burning down, our love for anything L.A. !! We represent LOS ANGELES all over the USA and worldwide when we travel, We all are VERY WestCoast, we make sure where ever we go that we bring with us the Fashion , Reality, Mobb-shit-ability, Vocab & slangs, and Attitude of L.A. with US! Beyond our love for Marijuana We are deeply embedded into the Hollywood entertainment industry as well, mainly adult modeling but VERY classy modeling with REAL beauty & artistic value. We are built up of 10 people, 8 Girls and 2 guys who constantly represent LABUDSMOKE while at Los Angeles MMJ functions, LABudSmoke Mansion Parties /Pool Parties, Music Recording Studios, Movie Production sets, and just everyday LA gatherings and cyphers. If we are not working…. (I mean, really working/WORKING..in office, becuz we are ALWAYS working on something)….  U can usually fund us in a extra-ultra–sick ass-flambostic vehicle,  ,burining down BIG, mobbin to where where the homies/good music is at, with beautiful people, or where the aromatic ocean breeze blows our smoke into the atmosphere. If you have any info, suggestions or just would like to contact LABUDSMOKE you can do so by contacting our Twitter page : http://twitter.com/#!/labudsmoke

Disclaimer: This site is intended to to provide useful information about the legal medical marijuana dispensaries, and legal cannabis products in Los Angeles ( prop 215 SB 420 ). Labudsmoke.com is not claiming to give medical advice, please consult with your physician for that.

Feel free to contact and visit LABudSmoke.com and say whats up if U wanna.

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